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  • We always recommend buying produce in season for it's quality, taste and affordability.

  • Our most local produce that we sell is corn-on-the cob which is quite literally grown in the field over the road from our warehouse.

  • We also sell fruits and vegetables that have been sourced from all four corners of the globe, such as New Zealand apples, Kenyan beans, Chinese pears and Peruvian asparagus amongst many others.

  • Melvin, our extremely hardworking and trusted buyer, visits New Spitalfields Market 4 nights a week in order to source the freshest fruits, vegetables and salads for wholesale the very next morning.

  • With 24 hours notice we are able to obtain most select and unusual produce for our customers. For example items such as edible flowers, micro herbs and the more exotic fruits such as dragon fruit and custard apples.

For more information on any of the above, call us now on 01621 859613

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